WATCH Casey Neistat’s unique evaluation of Emirates’ new first-class cabin on YouTube.

WATCH Casey Neistat’s unique evaluation of Emirates’ new first-class cabin on YouTube.Mr Neistat considers the adjustable chair that converts into a bed the “all-time greatest airplane seat” as he travels from Brussels to Dubai.

Casey Neistat, a YouTube sensation, has given his approval to Emirates’ new first-class suites. The vlogging phenomenon documented his experience flying on the Boeing 777-300ER in a video blog that has been viewed over 3.5 million times.


The totally enclosed cabins are 40 square feet (3.7 square meters) in size and provide guests with unparalleled solitude, excellent dining, mood lighting, and 32-inch TV screens.

Mr. Neistat considers the adjustable chair that converts into a bed the “all-time greatest airplane seat” as he travels from Brussels to Dubai. The air staff comes inside the cabin and makes up the chair with bedding to turn it into a pleasant bed, as requested by the passengers. Mr. Neistat describes it as “feeling more like a small but highly exquisite hotel suite than an airplane seat.”

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“The legroom is insane,” Mr Neistat remarks, before cramming his entire body under a table in front of his seat. “You could accommodate a small family down here,” he says.

WATCH Casey Neistat's unique evaluation of Emirates' new first-class cabin on YouTube.
WATCH Casey Neistat’s unique evaluation of Emirates’ new first-class cabin on YouTube.

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For solitude and serenity, the seats have floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, and most have a window view that may be appreciated with a personal pair of binoculars. Virtual windows, which live-stream images from the plane via fibre optic external cameras, are provided to those in the middle aisle. Jeremy Clarkson, a well-known motoring personality, has been promoting the airline. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class inspired the new suites.

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Casey Neistat’s Complete Filmmaking & Storytelling Review: 

(One of my friend’s reviews on his course)

Is Casey Neistat’s Filmmaking and Storytelling course worthwhile? That was my thought before I clicked “complete checkout” in December of last year. After completing the Casey Neistat Filmmaking & Storytelling course, I thought I’d share my thoughts on it.


Why should you choose Casey Neistat’s class?

I have to be forthright. Casey Neistat is one of my favorite comedians.

I believe that most of the folks that started the course were as well.

One of the reasons I was intrigued by the course is because his video style is comparable to what I aim to produce for myself and my clients.

While I enjoy well-produced videos, I am more interested in stories that are effective, emotional, and captivating. The polished material is an added plus.

Casey is the best at it, so he’s the obvious guy to learn from.

I also have freelancers who help me with both filming and editing, but having someone from outside my bubble to learn from with other abilities was beneficial.

Casey Neistat-style editing:

Casey’s edits aren’t overly technical. Instead, he does some extremely creative things to make shots flow and connect, but it’s all in the name of improving the tale. That might be music to help with pacing or a ‘crutch’ to lean on to connect two scenes.

This course will not teach you how to color grade, edit sound, or choose an exposure setting. He correctly points out that an overexposed shot or shaky piece of film can be overlooked as long as it adds to the story.

That is what will keep your audience interested. “Perfection frequently omits the human hand,” I wrote down and stored. Display your scars”

While his edits are simple from a technical standpoint, he is meticulous in his attention to detail. Cutting a few frames, removing unnecessary footage that doesn’t add to the plot, and ensuring that the music conveys the appropriate emotion and speed are all elements he pays attention to.

Every shot must be fascinating and unique, not dull or repetitive. This isn’t science, either. You’ve been taught to trust your instincts.

Was it all worth it?

In a nutshell, sure. Especially if you want to improve your storytelling talents rather than your filmmaking abilities. And by that, I don’t mean the basic tale structure, but rather how to use strong tactics to punctuate, advance, and embellish a story.

Gaining even a small amount of Casey’s expertise and experience has been really beneficial, and I would have said the course was ideal for the aim I set out to attain if I had had a strong group of peers to participate with.

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