The Flash underperforms at the box office!

The flash underperforms at the box office!

Many films that were not expected to do well have exceeded expectations in 2023. Unfortunately, The Flash is not one of those films. with mixed reviews, the Andy Muschietti-directed DC film starring Ezra Miller has vastly underperformed in its opening weekend. Even the epic return of Michael Keaton’s Batman could not save The Flash from crashing head-first into a wall. The time-traveling adventure only made $26.6 million in its second weekend at the global box office from 25,493 screens. This comes out to only 4.4 million admissions in 78 international territories of release.

The Flash underperforms at the box office!
The Flash underperforms at the box office!

The disappointing performance of The Flash brings its estimated international total up to $123.3 million and its worldwide total up to $210.9 million. IMAX grossed $4 million of the box office total this weekend, accounting for $22.3 million of Flash’s total box office. The international markets accounted for $2.4 of that sum this weekend with IMAX’s global total now up to $11.8 million.

The underperformance of The Flash is surprising given its positive reviews and the popularity of the character. Many fans were excited to see Ezra Miller’s take on the iconic DC hero, and the inclusion of Michael Keaton’s Batman only added to the anticipation.

The DCU gets rebooted with Superman: Legacy in 2025, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will act as the final film in the current DCEU timeline. This sequel promises to be an epic conclusion to the current era, and it’s making waves in theaters on December 20, 2023. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom picks up where the first movie left off, with Arthur Curry returning to his underwater home of Atlantis to face new challenges and threats to his kingdom. With Jason Momoa reprising his role as Aquaman, fans can expect plenty of action, adventure, and stunning visuals. But while DC fans are anxiously waiting for the end of an era, there’s another DC movie that needs your support. The Flash, which was released earlier this year, has been struggling at the box office despite receiving positive reviews from audiences and critics alike.


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