Selfiee: Worst collections for Akshay Kumar’s film!

Selfiee: Worst collections for Akshay Kumar’s film!

When it comes to remaking movies, opinions are split. Some think it’s a great way to breathe new life into a beloved story, while others find it daunting and hard to do justice to the original work. The truth is that it’s a tricky business and the key factor that determines its success is capturing the essence of the original film.

Take the recent Bollywood film, Selfie, as an example. It was a Hindi remake of the well-received Malayalam movie, Driving License. The Malayalam version was a hit and was appreciated for its characters, conflicts, and underlying emotions.

Selfiee: Worst collections for Akshay Kumar's film!
Selfiee: Worst collections for Akshay Kumar’s film!

Unfortunately, the Hindi remake was not as successful. The lead role was played by Akshay Kumar, a huge star in India, but the director couldn’t create a compelling conflict between him and Imran. The Hindi version attempted to portray them as arch-rivals, but the movie failed to capture the spirit of the original.

The same can’t be said for SRK-starrer Pathan, which has been a success and has met with positive reviews. But for Akshay fans, Selfie was a disappointing experience.

Selfiee has been released in the National Multiplex on Wednesday, and it was expected to have a good opening. However, the reality is far from that. According to the reports, Selfiee has managed to sell only 8200 tickets and made an earning of only Rs 40 lakhs. This is extremely low and it easily surpasses the last week’s release of Akshay Kumar’s Shehzada. With the current box office figures, it is certain that Selfiee will not be able to reach the expected figures of Rs 2.5 to 4 Crores.

This is an extremely low figure considering the star power and the name of Akshay Kumar. It appears that the movie has failed to meet expectations, and the lack of an interesting story and good visuals have further increased the woes of Selfie. The poor reviews from critics and the audience have further added to the gloom.

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