Salman Khan Shares the Video of Groot, check here!

Salman Khan Shares the Video of Groot, check here!

Bollywood Bhai Salman Khan is known for his charismatic personality and his love for movies. He is someone who has always been passionate about films, and his recent social media post is proof of that. Salman Khan recently expressed his excitement about the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. He is particularly excited about the character Groot and recently shared a teaser on his social media account, in which he is seen being inspired by Groot.

The video shared by Salman Khan is a funny one, where he is seen taking inspiration from Groot and using his iconic dialogue for his film promotions for a day. The video has become a sensation on social media, and fans are loving Salman’s unique style.

In the caption, Salman Khan wrote, “I live in Galaxy … Uparwale are my Guardians..Swagat karo mere new friend ka on May Sth only in cinemas #GOTGVol3 @marvel_india.” This caption shows Salman’s excitement for the movie and how he is eagerly waiting for its release.

Salman’s love for movies and his unique style of promoting them have always been admired by his fans. His recent post has once again proved that he is not just a Bollywood Bhai but also a true movie lover.

He was last seen in KisikaBhai KisikaJaan Movie starring Pooja Hegde as Female Lead.

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