Oppenheimer Mind blowing advance bookings in India

Oppenheimer Mind-blowing advance bookings in India

Director Christopher Nolan who has so often played with our brains with his stellar canvases and mind-bending plotlines, is back again and this time, it is bigger than ever. Perhaps the single most awaited movie of this year, Oppenheimer is just a few days away from its grand release and the reception is insane. The amount of buzz surrounding the film in India is fascinating. The organizers released the first tickets to Oppenheimer in India quite sometime before the release, charging prices of up to 1000 Rupees per ticket. And within no time, the tickets almost sold out. 

Oppenheimer Mind blowing advance bookings in India
Oppenheimer Mind blowing advance bookings in India

The fact that a foreign director like Christopher Nolan has such a massive following in India is a testament to his immense talent and storytelling prowess. Indian audiences are known for their love of larger-than-life cinema, with song and dance sequences being an integral part of most Bollywood films. However, Nolan’s movies, with their complex narratives and thought-provoking themes, have managed to captivate Indian audiences like no other.

90,000 tickets sold of Oppenheimer movie:

Oppenheimer’s advance booking started 10 days ago and received a huge response within the first very few hours. As per the figures posted by a film trade analyst on Monday, the film has booked as many as 90,000 tickets across all three multiple chains – PVR, INOX, and Cinepolis – for the opening day itself including IMAX screens as well.

Oppenheimer movie trailer:



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