Manavoori Pandavulu movie Review and Rating

Manavoori pandavulu movie review and rating

Manavoori Pandavulu review and rating
Manavoori Pandavulu review and rating

Movie Credits:
Banner : Sri Teja Arts
Cast & Crew:
Cast: Shiva Harish, Sri Pallavi, Saddam, Ashok, Riyaz, Anil, Rajesh Surisetty, Viplav, Prashanth Kashi, Chaitanya & Vinod Kumar
Stunts: Dragon Prakash
Costumes: Rajashekahar Macha (Chennai) Bulaxmi A (Eluru)
Editor: Srisailam Dara
Choreography: Surya Kiran Relangi
Art & Production Executive: Naresh Rai
D.O.P: Shiva Reddy SV
Producer: Sasi Kiran Kanneganti
Music, Written & Directed by: Saketh Vegi

Set in a ruler backdrop, the film revolves around five youngsters, who get into trouble due to a girl. What actually happened because of a message left by a short filmmaker on social media? How did the villagers rescue the five boys who were involved in a murder case? Who is behind two murders? How did those five escape the heinous crime? If you want to know such things, watch Manavoori Pandavulu.


Plus points:
Gripping screenplay, locations, re-recording, songs.

Minus points:
It would be nice if the casting was even better.

When it comes to the cast, Saddam, Anil, Ashok, Riyaz, Shiva Harish have done well and done full justice to their roles. Sri Pallavi impressed with her performance. Locations in Godavari are beautifully portrayed. The story written by director Saketh Vegi is good. Manavoori Pandavulu is backed richly in stunning locations, compromising nowhere. It is a film with pure humour and thrilling elements set in a rural environment. Dragon Prakash stunts are very natural. Shiva Reddy’s camera work is excellent.
Saketh, who crooned ‘Nammavemo’ in Allu Arjun’s Parugu, has made his directorial debut with this film. Vishwanath Karasala lyrics are good.

Rating: 3/5

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