Is Anil Ravipudi Confident?

As all we know, Anil Ravipudi is master in writing mass dialogues and making hilarious comedy scenes. His expectations never really went wrong.

  Anil got a chance to direct Superstar Mahesh Babu earlier than anyone anticipated. It all happened with Anil’s narration and also Mahesh decided to finish a movie before he commits to do movie with Sukumar then.

 This young director appeared to have decided to put his name on the top director’s list with Sarileru Nekevvaru. Anil Ravipudi is heard to be extremely confident and unshakable regarding the film’s output. And the movie is capable of crushing all existing Non-Baahubali Records, effortlessly.

 Though the Sarileru team was a bit worried after looking at Ala Vaikuntapuramlo’s promotions and speed, Anil’s confidence pushed all the inhibitions out, they say. With this confidence and Dil Raju’s assurance, now the Team is firm in locking horns with Ala Vaikuntapuramlo. We have to wait and see if there is a ‘justification’ for it too.

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