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Florence Pugh Net Worth 2023!! Know about Biography, Age, Net worth and more

Florence Pugh Net Worth 2023!! Know about Biography, Age, Net worth and more
Florence Pugh Net Worth 2023!! Know about Biography, Age, Net worth and more

The net worth of Florence Pugh is estimated to be $8 million in 2023.

Florence Pugh was born on January 3, 1996, in Oxford, England. Raised in a creative household, Pugh was exposed to the world of performing arts from a young age. Her father, Clinton Pugh, is a restaurateur, and her mother, Deborah, is a dancer.

Personal Information

Real Name Florence Pugh
Alias Florence Pugh
Net worth Estimated $8 million
DOB(Age) January 3, 1996(27 years old)
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 57kg.
Nationality British
Marital Status UnMarried
Partner/Spouse N/A
Zodiac Sign Libra
Profession Actress

Net Worth

Florence Pugh Net Worth is $8 million in 2023. Florence Pugh’s acting career began in 2014 when she made her debut in the mystery drama film, “The Falling.” Although it was her first major role, Pugh’s talent was evident from the start, and her performance garnered critical acclaim. She continued to showcase her versatility in subsequent projects, including the period drama “Lady Macbeth” (2016), where she delivered a powerful and nuanced portrayal of the lead character. This breakout role earned her numerous accolades and established her as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.


One of the standout endorsements in Pugh’s portfolio is her partnership with luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton. Known for their timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship, Louis Vuitton has a long history of collaborating with influential celebrities. By teaming up with Pugh, they have not only chosen a talented actress but also someone who embodies their brand values of sophistication and style.

Another notable endorsement for Pugh is her association with Bulgari, the renowned Italian jewelry and luxury goods brand. With their commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless design, Bulgari has found an ideal partner in Pugh. Her elegance and poise perfectly complement the brand’s aesthetic, and she effortlessly showcases their exquisite jewelry and accessories in various campaigns.



Pugh’s foray into the business world began when she co-founded Floss Films, a production company focused on creating unique and compelling content. With Pugh at the helm, Floss Films has produced a diverse range of projects, from documentaries to feature films, all with a commitment to telling meaningful stories and giving a platform to underrepresented voices. Through her work with Floss Films, Pugh has not only showcased her business acumen but also her dedication to making a positive impact on the industry.

In addition to her work with Floss Films, she has also taken on the role of brand ambassador for numerous companies, using her platform to promote products and causes that align with her values. Pugh’s authenticity and genuine enthusiasm for the brands she represents have made her a sought-after collaborator, as companies recognize the value of her endorsement.



One of the standout vehicles in Florence Pugh’s car collection is the sleek and elegant Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Known for its superior performance, comfort, and cutting-edge technology, this luxury sedan perfectly complements Pugh’s sophisticated and refined persona.

Another gem in her garage is the iconic Range Rover. With its rugged yet refined design, this SUV is the epitome of adventure and class. Whether she’s exploring the countryside or navigating through the bustling city, Pugh can rely on the Range Rover’s powerful engine and advanced features to get her wherever she wants to go. For those who prefer a more eco-friendly option, Pugh has also added a Tesla Model S to her collection.

Real Estate Assets

we will take a closer look at Florence Pugh’s real estate assets and explore the properties she owns:

  • Los Angeles Mansion: One of the crown jewels in Florence Pugh’s real estate portfolio is her stunning mansion in Los Angeles. Situated in one of the most affluent neighborhoods, this property boasts luxurious amenities and breathtaking views.
  • London Townhouse: Being a British actress, it’s no surprise that Florence Pugh also owns a beautiful townhouse in her hometown of London.
  • New York City Penthouse: Florence Pugh’s real estate ventures extend beyond Los Angeles and London. She also owns a luxurious penthouse in the heart of New York City. This high-rise property offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and provides the perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

Q. What is the net woeth of Florence Pugh?

A. Florence Pugh total net worth is around $8 Million.

Q. What is the salary of Florence Pugh?

A. Depending on her work, Florence Pugh annual salary is thought to range $1 million +

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