Dhaakad review: Kangana Ranaut’s film a Good Watch For The Weekend

Dhaakad review: Kangana Ranaut’s film a Good Watch For The Weekend

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta, Saswata Chatterjee, Sharib Hashmi

Director: Razneesh Ghai

Kangana Ranaut’s film is a great movie with fantastic performance and action sequences that are spectacular however, it lacks one very crucial aspect: storytelling. 

In the film, There’s blood as well as gore, action shots and characters with distinct personalities and every single one of them pack an impact on screen. The story is cut at a number of points and doesn’t really get to an extent that you get the effect it was intended to make. Director Razneesh introduces his main character agent Agni ( Kangana Ranaut) very early in the film.  Let’s talk deeper about Dhaakad review.

Dhaakad review: Kangana Ranaut's film a Good Watch For The Weekend
Dhaakad review: Kangana Ranaut’s film a Good Watch For The Weekend


Dhaakad is a story about Agni (Kangana)–a special agent from the International Task Force, who is given the responsibility to take down international arms and human trader Rudraveer ( Arjun Rampal) who is the head of the mafia of coal. In the course of this fight, her painful childhood experience appears before her the camera more frequently than she’d like. While Agni is fighting back she uncovers some shocking facts about her tragic experience and even a connection that ties the two of them to Rudraveer.


The thing that bothered us most during the course of watching Dhaakad is that despite excellent performances from Kangana, Arjun, Divya, and Saswata The film isn’t able to live up to their talents. The well-crafted characters aren’t provided with a plot that’s half as effective as their roles in the story. There are many loose endings that do not allow the story to stay together, and things begin to fall apart too fast.

Dhaakad Actress Kangana Ranaut latest hot stills

The film appears more stretched, with flashback sequences that repeat themselves a lot of times in 2 hours and 10 minutes movie. The screen changes from black to white whenever they want to present something that occurred in the past that was somehow not too different.

Kangana is back with her best foot forward and never loses her grip on her character. She is fiercely brave, fierce, and courageous but also vulnerable when the action scenes require her to become. She is able to take on tough guys in a lonesome manner and never ever looks too juvenile with her well-choreographed action scenes. 

Arjun Rampal‘s terrifying baddie is very convincing. He ruthlessly embarks on a murder spree for reasons known to him. The scene in which he covers his face with the blood of a man several times sends chills through your spine. The final battle of Rudraveer and Agni can be an entertaining experience too. Divya Dutta plays Rohini who was pushed to pursue a career in track at a young. Her character is distinctive and entices you.

She’s got this swag that she wears for the majority of the show and demonstrates how she can be any character with ease. Saswata Chatterjee, who plays the handler, Sharib Hashmi, his agent he works with, and Sharib Hashmi, who plays the role of a supporting actor have put on a fantastic performance. It’s bad writing that makes them fail in the major parts. 

 The action doesn’t necessarily translate into a fantastic film. It’s important to have a good story, too. There’s a lot we’re left to interpret between the lines and will not be something all viewers enjoy. Dhaakad is said to be a female-led movie that is being produced on a large scale. In many instances, Dhaakad appears to be stuck in the 1980s and 90s period with the tropes of the use of a child as a shield in order to track your adversaries, which is so old.

Dhaakad is packed with excitement and action, as well as impressive performances, however, towards the end, you’d rather half the focus was on the plot, the writing, and an engaging narrative. But if you are a fan of female-centric action films you can give it try.

celebsunseen Rating: 3.5/5

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