Dhaakad Box Office: Disappointing Collections for Kangana

Day 3 Of Dhaakad Box Office: Kangana Ranaut’s Film Has A Poor Weekend

Dhaakad has managed to generate very low numbers in its debut weekend after being in the news for the past month and a half. As anticipated in this column, the picture was expected to launch to roughly 4-5 crores. With only 2 crores coming in over the weekend, it only managed to do half of that.

Dhaakad Box Office: Disappointing Collections for Kangana
Dhaakad Box Office: Disappointing Collections for Kangana

This is simply incredible, as no one could have predicted such a result at the box office for a big-budget film with the goal of revolutionising the action scene in movies, even by the most conservative of estimations.

On Friday, the picture had no start at all, Saturday was even worse, and even on Sunday, the film battled to reach the 1 crore barrier. That pretty much sums up the weekend’s lack of activity for the Kangana Ranaut and Arjun Rampal movie. Both of them deserved better, especially because Kangana Ranaut had gone all out to create an action persona, and it was fantastic to see Arjun Rampal in a truly scary avatar with no redeeming qualities. This isn’t all; Divya Dutta, who plays a key role, also delivered a strong performance.

It must be upsetting for everyone involved with Dhaakad, because no one wants to spend years developing a picture just to have it fail at the box office. Though the filmmakers had the option of going straight to the OTT, they preferred the theatrical route because it was intended for the big screen.

That is evident in the film’s technical aspects, which are absolutely outstanding, whether it be the action, sound, cinematography, art design, or overall production values. On OTT, we guess people will get to realise the film’s cast and crew hardwork.

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