Adah Sharma comments on Casting Couch

 Actress Adah Sharma is a known face for both Bollywood and Southern audiences. She acted in ‘Commando 3’ movie which didn’t work well at the box office.  Several Bollywood actress have spoken about casting couch experience with #Metoo. Lately, Actress Adah Sharma says that the casting couch exists everywhere.

 “Casting Couch isn’t something that just exists in the South or North India. I think it has been spoken about worldwide. it exists universally,” says Adah Sharma. “I think you always have a choice of whether you want to sit on the couch, or lay on the couch. It is up to you,” adds Adah Sharma. 

 Adah Sharma acted in many south movies as well as few Bollywood movies, she was last in ‘Bypass Road’, and currently working for ‘Man to Man’ film. 


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