a 400-foot train built for a Shamshera Action scene

For a massive action sequence in Shamshera, we built a 400-foot train: Karan Malhotra

With this week’s premiere of the action comedy Shamshera, Ranbir Kapoor will be seen portraying a larger-than-life traditional Hindi film hero. Sanjay Dutt, who portrays a cruel, brutal, cold-hearted brute force of nature named Shuddh Singh. Ranbir is returning to the big screen four years after he delivered the smash hit Sanju. One of the most anticipated scenes is the on-screen confrontation between the two stars, and filmmaker Karan Malhotra has created an extraordinary, never-before-seen action set piece that will wow viewers.

For one such lengthy action scene starring Ranbir, the director had to recreate a 400-foot railway from the 18th century.

a 400-foot train built for a Shamshera Action scene
a 400-foot train built for a Shamshera Action scene

According to Karan, “everything was designed to ensure that Shamshera provides fans a visual spectacle that is unforgettable, from our set design to action set pieces. But we were quite clear that whatever we produced, it appeared to be from the time period in which the movie was set. One such epic action scene takes place on a train. There were difficulties because it was impossible to obtain a train in the 1800s. For that sequence, we, therefore, made a train that was around 400 feet long. That task was enormous! I commend the production design and YFX (YRF’s VFX arm) teams of Shamshera for accepting and masterfully carrying out such a massive task. This train’s complete construction took around a month. I had to film a sizable action scene on a train, and I was adamant about demonstrating how impressive such a scene could appear on a large screen.

He continues, “I wanted to accomplish it in one take so that the viewers would experience an adrenaline rush, unlike anything they had ever seen! Ranbir deserves praise for nailing this scene.  You must see the movie to really appreciate what he accomplished as an action hero in Shamshera!”.

The events of Shamshera take place in the made-up city of Kaza, where a brutal authoritarian commander named Shuddh Singh imprisons, enslaves, and tortures a warrior tribe. This is the tale of a guy who was sold into slavery, who later rose to leadership positions and became a legend among his community. He never stops fighting for the independence and honor of his tribe. He is none other than Shamshera.

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